Underwater PTZ Camera (Cyclops)

Underwater PTZ Camera (Cyclops)

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While most security cameras are waterproof, they aren’t designed for submerging. But there is an underwater Pan Tilt and Zoom (PTZ) camera that can do just that, and it’s Revlight’s Cyclops. With high-definition video recording and a durable outer casing, it’s the best possible camera for any swimming pool, pond, fountain, or aquarium.

Main Features

1. 20X optical zoom,adopt high performance sensor,resolution up to 1920*1080
2. Horizontal directly :360° continuous rotation,vertical direction : -5°-90°, no monitor area
3. Open SDK, support many network protocols and networking mode.
4. Can provide flexible customization service.

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Finding the Right Underwater PTZ Camera for Your Home

One setback of having home security is the fact that everyone can spot a camera. That way, a potential burglar can figure out your home’s blind spots and avoid them easily. If that happens, you need a way to hide your security camera so that it can record what’s going on without the intruder noticing. Some people hide them in the bushes, others in shelves, but there is one area where burglars don’t often look for security PTZ cameras — underwater.

While most security cameras are waterproof, they aren’t designed for submerging. But there is an underwater PTZ camera that can do just that, and it’s Revlight’s Cyclops. With high-definition video recording and a durable outer casing, it’s the best possible camera for any swimming pool, pond, fountain, or aquarium.

PTZ Camera Image and Video Specifications

The Revlight Security Cyclops underwater PTZ camera has an image output of 2 megapixels with a 1080 resolution. In addition, it can support both H.264 and H.265 video compression. In other words, you will get HD video material that takes up little to no storage space.

Those crisp recordings you will get with the Cyclops are all thanks to its powerful lens. It comes with a zoom that tops out at an incredible 20x, and naturally, the camera zooms in automatically when detecting movement. Moreover, you can adjust the frames, dual-stream, code-stream, and adjust both the streaming and the processing speed.

Other video and imaging options include real-time video transmission, OSD, image popup linkage, and JPEG snapshot capture. Multiple clients can also monitor the feed using remote monitoring software. And if you need to reset the settings, you can do so with the one-key reset function.


As an underwater pan-tilt-zoom security camera, the Cyclops needs to be as durable and hard as possible. Revlight experts have manufactured the perfect titanium and stainless steel alloy casing that protects the inner mechanism from both the water and the water pressure. The waterproofing level of the Cyclops is an incredible 600 M, but it can be customized to be waterproof at a mind-boggling 6000 M. You can even measure the temperature and the pressure levels thanks to a special sensor.

In terms of working temperature, this underwater PTZ camera can work in conditions that range from -30℃ to +60℃. It’s ideal if you live in cold areas, where pool water tends to dip below zero and damage other types of electric equipment. Moreover, it can just as easily withstand the heat inside the pool during those scorching summer days. And most importantly, the lens will continue to capture crystal-clear imagery no matter the temperature outside. That’s impressive, especially for a camera that only weighs 7 kg.


The Cyclops underwater PTZ camera offers the standard ONVIF platform access support. In addition, you can connect to it via any platform, such as PCs or Android and iOS devices. Moreover, you get complete SDK access for custom software management.

Main Parameter

Resolution 2MP/1080P ,20X Zoom H.265

Product Name Underwater HD Speed Dome IP Camera
Model TPS-UNC-200(B/T)
Main Parameter
Image Sensor SONY 1/1.8’’
Signal Type Network Signal
Image Sensor H13516EV300+1/2.8”Sony335 sensor
Signal Type Network Signal
Minium Illumination 0.001Lux@F1.2( color mode);0.0001Lux@F1.2(white mode)
Image Output 2MP H265/H264 1080P
Video Processing H265/H.264 video coding ,support dual stream ,AVI format ,support code stream;0.1M~6Mpbs adjustable ,frame adjustable.
Signal Interface 1 channel 10/100BaseT ethernet ,RJ45 interface.
Business Function Support WEB configuration ,OSD, real time video transmission, motion detection and central picture remind and image popup linkage;support JPEG capture;support unified client remote control monitoring software
Compatibility Support standard ONVIF platform access
Lens 4.7~96mm auto zoom lens
Focal Length 20X Zoom
Function Support one key reset function,support AP mode realize point to point watch
Support unified client remote monitoring software ,platform
Provide complete SDK file
Housing Material Stainless Steel/ Titanium Alloy
Waterproof Level 0-300 meters(customized can be max to 6000 m)
Voltage 48VDC,support POE supply too
Working Temperature -30℃~+60℃
Dimension Φ110*220mm(exclude 34mm connector)
Weight 7Kg
Package SCable ,adapter , warranty card
Customized Service Depth
Sensor ( temperature ,pressure )
Control display terminal

6 reviews for Underwater PTZ Camera (Cyclops)

  1. Hasegawa

    Hello I am from Japan, may I know how deep can this camera be deployed underwater?

    • admin

      Up to 300m depth but we can customise up to 6000m

  2. Hasegawa

    Does your camera support ONVIF with other brands VMS and NVR? What is your ONVIF version?

    • admin

      Yes it supports other VMS like genetec and omnicast. ONVIF version is 2.4

  3. Hasegawa

    Can I know why is the height so heavy about 7kg?

    • admin

      It is made of stainless steel 316 therefore the heavy weight.

  4. Hasegawa

    Does it have built-in autofocus and POE?

    • admin

      Yes this model supports POE if required and has built-in autofocus.

  5. Hasegawa

    Are you able to integrate lightsource and power it with the built-in POE instead of having to pull another underwater power cable for the light?

    • admin

      Yes our light is integrated inside the camera enclosure itself and draws the same power supply as the camera via POE. No need for additional power cable

  6. Hasegawa

    Possible to install microphone to record audio from the camera as well?

    • admin

      Yes we have optional microphone if required and it will also be integrated inside the camera itself.

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