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Looking for a famous and well known IP camera security company in Singapore? Revlight Security is an agency supplying IP cameras for providing security and safety to your homes and workplaces reliably for over many years now. The number and incidence criminal offences have been reduced to a great extent in Singapore these days as almost all places have security cameras installed and any slightest abnormality noted is dealt with strict action. Thus, Revlight Security installs IP cameras at your place and ensures safety.

The term IP camera is used for the term Internet Protocol camera. An IP camera is a kind of video camera which is digital with a network that transmits data with the help of a fast Ethernet. These cameras are mostly used for IP surveillance. These are mainly a digitized and networked version of CCTV cameras. Revlight Security manufactures and supplies IP cameras of two types, namely bullet CCTV camera and dome CCTV camera. Bullet cameras are small in size and are shaped like the shell of a rifle bullet or case of lipstick. These cameras are mostly installed by mounting to walls because they mainly use a tri-axis type of mount. Dome-shaped CCTV cameras are mainly installed at homes, shops, restaurants and bars because they are easily fixed to the wall and cannot be noticed easily.

Revlight Security supplies cameras which are made up of using the latest trends of technology and the professionals are highly skilled in the techniques of making an IP camera. There are various advantages of using IP camera for security purposes-

  • Can be controlled from any location.
  • Can be digitally zoomed in and out.
  • Sends alerts if suspicious activity is spotted.
  • Cabling requirements are lower.
  • Frames rates and resolutions are adjustable to meet specific needs.

Thus, avail excellent quality IP surveillance cameras from Revlight Security and ensure safety completely.

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